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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Seems like HIRAX got signed by the Belgian label MAUSOLEUM Records and there is a new website for true Hirax Troopers Hirax. So the long awaited "New Age Of Terror" release is scheduled for May 15th. And it's the end of the "Maggot Brains" experience soon, maybe we'll get tapes of this "infamous" boring, sleazy, lousy radio show to trade or sell or whatever, you dunno what could come from a twisted maggot mind trombipulated by the horrid Blahs from the pasts...last minute info...there is a show in Colmar, featuring SoldaBleurkthal, Solstis, les Skatophiles and Obdurate, it's the Grillen (place where it happens) for 5 euros, at 9 pm (or 21h for the French speaking),Saturday, the 8th of May, the "hotline" ( no it's not Titia you sick perverts, private joke with myself) is jessica.rock@lycos.com or 06 62 774 066, the name of the fest is COLLATERAL DAMAGE FEST 5, baby!


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