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Saturday, May 22, 2004

First Riot State Killers were giving their second show with "the dual axe attack" as they say in heavy metal oriented press, at least the second show I saw, next to Colette bar, good sound, some wind, some dancers ("tough guy effect"? inside joke for Mr Rabitsh), it was great, they played like 2 or 3 encore/ zugabe/ rappels (let's use international language for once). Also there were 3/4 of No Time To Lose who have a "let's enlarge Europe" tour from July 22nd to August 8th, visiting Germany, Czech Republic amidst other countries, they have a website and an address notimetolose@caramail.com, you also have Furious Belly half crew Stouf & Giny, MP people ,a guy from Les Arkandiers if I'm right, and Don Pablo the guest vocalist for "El Nino" and "tough guy number 5" from left to right to left edge of the scene with Antoine of NTTL. And...finally RSK record is out said Furious Ben (the bass player for those who don't know). Talking about punk, hardcore, oi, Une Vie Pour Rien is on the way, the 6th, with an EP, content The Janitors, Fabrizio Barile (not former SSD guitar player, but an Italian photographer also featured in the last Teenage Warning issue, hello Johan from Ghetto Rock),Dropkick Murphys (well it's also like last TW issue), Esclaves Salaries (oi from Montreal, Canada),HardxTimes (oi core, they currently tour US with Haircut), Analogs (Poland), The Last Resort, Runnin' Riot (alos featured in Barricata I think) and something about BxN...


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