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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Some shows in Paris at "La PĂ©niche Alternat", it's about hardcore, Sunday, June 13th you have Cut The Shit (Boston), The Rites, LastxQuietxTime, No Time To Lose, Riot State Killers, opening of the gates (it's not Manilla Road or Morbid Angel stuff, just a pun)at 7pm, beginning at 7.30 pm, door 6 euro before 7.30 pm and 8 euro after (free for the ladies? just joking!!), for more info reach Chris 0670192973 or xhighhopesx@hotmail.com. Where is the place ? Quai de Bercy, metro 14 St Emilion- Bercy. At the same place but next day( Monday, June 14th) you have DFA (Canada), Actions Fall Short, FTX, Hard Times, same conditions


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