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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's go to Bari, 20 years after World Cup, with Giorgio of LoveHate80/TVOR

1) Could you present yourself? what is TVOR, what is Lovehate80?

Ciao everybody, my name is Giorgio, I’m from Bari (Italia) and I used to have a distro called Mele Marce in the beginning of 1985 and then lately I start a label in 1992. The Lovehate80.it website and project started at the end of the 2002 with the idea to have a documentative website and a data bank dedicated only to the italian hardcore punk oi scene from the eighties. Anyway, behind lovehate80.it there are three persons involved and working in the projects: me (Giorgio) and other two friends Roberto and Angelo, then we have a webmaster, Paolo. Our starting point was the website (www.lovehate80.it) than along the way filling in the website we came up with different projects about the hc punk in the ’80 in our country: first issue, an italian compilation made by two records or two cds with a booklet of almost 50 pages named "Hate/Love"; second issue, a book collecting all the numbers of the T.V.O.R. fanzine called "T.V.O.R Teste Vuote Ossa Rotte 1980-1985 storia di una caoszine hardcore punx" and so on. We also do a small free ‘zine that we try to issue every two months called "10 anni di Mucchi Selvaggi e Ossa Rotte in Italia", until now we have out 12 issues check the covers on our myspace or facebook website.

2-Have seen that have redition the 5 fanzines of hc/punk of the 80, of TVOR, with a book with more of 300 pag called T.V.Or.R Teste Vuote Ossa Rotte 1980-1985 To story of to hardcore punx caoszine.How goes to emerge the idea and how it realize?

I used to trade and buy records from Stiv “Rottame” Valli starting from the middle ’80’s. So, I already knew him and we all read his fanzine back in the days and we went mad for it, so one day my buddy, Roberto came up with the idea to repress and collect all the issues of his fanzine called Teste Vuote Ossa Rotte (T.V.O.R.) in one book. So, I get again in touch with Stiv, talking about our idea and he liked the project. At that point, we started a long and hard work going to Como, where he lives actually, several times (consider that I live almost 1000 km south!!). We spent almost two years of work to put all together and to have it done but then we’ve been really satisfied of the book. The T.V.O.R. book came out in May 2006, 1000 copies pressed with hardcover. Then it was re-pressed in October 2006 with a paperback cover, it is still available through our website (www.lovehate80.it), don’t miss it write now to get the last chances to have it.

2) Why the "urge", the need, to do a documentary about Italian 80ies punk scene? 

Personally, I think it’s just a normal way of my involvement in the music scene from the eighties. It’s pure passion and it’s a lifestyle. I think it’s important to have a memory of what as been done for the present and for the past days. We had the idea to document our music scene soon after the born of the website, we decided to make a documentative book first and then a movie collecting photos, gig flyers, record and demo covers, and obviously for the movie some rare videos and a lot of recent video interviews done to the people involved in the bands, fanzines and labels. We’re still working on them hopefully we’ll be ready soon!!!

3) Is it easy to find video footage of the 80ies, reports or whatever? because Steno from Nabat told me there was almost nothing ( and Nao from Basta said almost the same)?

What they said is totally true! It’s really hard to find old videos from the eighties, few people at that time had money to buy a video camera and also only people from the inside the scene was able to film the bands. Anyway we made our best to find all the videos we knew were around.

Want to know more? Be patient.... and thanx to Giorgio


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