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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Oi in France could I say, some news (old but I'm back in business only now...) about Lutece Borgia, first they have a website http://www.lutece-borgia.phd.fr/ and some goodies like T shirts and patches, and Ben deals with the famous "Une Vie Pour Rien" and also "Les Caves Se Rebiffent" fanzines, some gigs, first a SHARP event at La Peniche Alternat(ive?) with Janitors, Hard Times, Classical Slum, Vis Cenovis, Moonlight Wankers, Sans Foie Ni Loi ,it's October 10th, a small german tour for LB(October 29-31), and a gig with Moonlight Wankers November 20th at Bar des Arenes, Limoges. That's all folks for Oi & punk...


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