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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Once again it's been a very long time, I didn't even review the famous Fury Fest (now everybody knows about Slipknot incident I guess)...no Wacken Open Air this year, I was at "Chien A Plumes" fest near Langres with Luke, K2R Riddim, Aston Villa (not really punk or heavy metal, but good vibes, and I should get an Olympic Medal for the distance!Hello to the bus driver, a big fan of raggamuffin, ragga hip hop and West Coast rap). Saturday heroes this weekend, two gigs, Warrior Kids/ Mickey Porno/ Lourds 5/ Janitors at Jardin Moderne, route de Lorient, Rennes, at 8 pm for 10 euros, september 25, and Moonlight Wankers/ Lutece Borgia same day, no the day before, at Metz town, just check "Les Troubadours Du Chaos" website for more dates. What else, Laurent Ramadier, the biggest Loudblast fan (just joking) released SNAKEPIT#13 featuring Death Militia, Witchslayer, Exodus, Legacy, Infernal Majesty and other acts, 78 pages for 5 euros post paid if you live in Europe, ask him for more details at snakepit2@free.fr he also updated SNAKEPIT website. Punkier and smaller (for the size of the booklet), Steph' RAD PARTY is back with the 35th issue, same address Small Budget Productions BP 07, 78110 Le Vesinet cedex, France , always stories, adventures, reviews and the best HxC mixtapes for beginners(how to do it, it's not included, you lazy MP3 fed bastards! As my friend Abdel would say "Bouge tes grosses fesses, là!Bouge ton cul!" "Tu te fous de ma gueule ou quoi?")


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