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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Finally I went to a gig, it was Saturday night, Furious Belly & Iraven, FB who had a new axeman (but Stouf was there in the crowd) who looks like a skinhead. Romain hadn't a "canette" just beer bottles("I don't wanna be straight edge"...just joking even if the "unofficial" manager who's the drummer doesn't like that). Well what to say about the show...good one unfortunately I only know "Alcoholic" and another song...for me, if Riot State Killers were the local Minor Threat, NTTL the local Agnostic Front, let's say FB are the local Negative Approach, a mix of Oi and HxC, they covered one of my faves, "City Baby Attacked By Rats"(and a real praise to the drummer for that song) by GBH. Iraven had a little stand with cds, posters, I bought a split between them and Grimoria. The singer had a small corpsepaint and a special pullover looking like a "cotte de maille"(you know something knights would wear under the armour), great musicianship but when you would expect something gloomier, darker, they would play something in the Iron Maiden vein, it looked like a mix of Cradle Of Filth, Immortal and Gothenburg death metal, when I would expect something like Ancient Rites or 90ies Mayhem, you sometimes had the screams and epic war metal riffs but it wasn't "mad " or "possessed" enough. But it's a band to watch in the future...


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