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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hello everybody everybody hello! Just to say that a lot's happening for the metal side of life I would say, first Metal Force crews have Patrick Rondat coming( see http://metalforce.free.fr for more) with some other bands, you guess I'm not so fond of this, and Olivier has also an evening at Apostrophe Cafe when you will be able to listen to Within Temptation and Angra new albums, when, 29th october, 9pm I guess(just after our "Halloween" broadcast on Radio Campus Tours). You also have in Orleans, this same day, October 29th (in fact Olivet) a fest called METALLOWEEN, music and movies from 7pm to 3am, 5 bands( Carcariass headlining) see http://www.metalloween.com for more and it's a 2 day fest, like "Tattoo The Mind" fest, for only 8 euros the first day (6 euros if you wear something special suited for Halloween) I think that's all for us now


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