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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Japanese Masters Of Brutality...SIGH!!!

How did you get in touch with Euronymous and Deathlike Silence productions? When we recorded "Requiem for Fools" EP, I sent this to as many labels as possible to get a deal. Actually it was Dead I wrote to, but Euronymous answered me instead as Dead killed himself. Back then all the labels were enthusiastic about death metal/grindcore so Euronymous was the only one who was interested in our music, which was heavily influenced by 80s thrash metal. Why did you choose Black metal, and not Death metal ( like let's say Vomit Remnants), or Thrash metal, Speed metal, Heavy metal ( like Loudness for example)? Well, I wouldn't say we chose black metal. It was 80s thrash metal we chose to play. Black Metal has its roots in 80s thrash. Also there is a huge inluence from heavy metal in our music as you may notice. In the beginning of 90s, I started feeling I couldn't keep up with death metal. Everybody was competing how low they could downtune their guitars etc. I just preferred thash metal which I had loved in the 80s. Your opinion about bands like GISM, Cobra, S.O.B., Gauze, DONDON, The Stalin? I used to be a big fan of Japanese hardcore stuff when I was a teenager. I really liked GISM, S.O.B., Gauze, DONDON, Outo, etc. How come a band from Newcastle ( Venom) was able to influence at least 2 Japanese acts ( SIGH and SABBAT)? I believe most of the bands of our generation were influenced by Venom more or less, directly or indirectly. Venom is a father of extreme metal and you cannot get away from their influence! More to come in the next episode....


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