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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oi strikes again part 2 with some SHARP sharp productions in December, first, at La Peniche Alternative( Quai de Bercy, Paris 13eme, subway station:Bercy) you 'll get Friday 10th December( well you won't then listen to Maggot Brain at Radio Campus Tours, just joking, unless we're on the Net and you have a computer you can carry everywhere, it makes too much conditions, ain't it?) Hardskin, Janitors, Saint George B., and PANIK (LTDC) an old band from the 80ies coming back, they sang " Les Troubadours Du Chaos" hence the name of the famous record label/ mailorder which was the second half of Euthanasie recs team( Siamese twins, cut at birth?)...and a week later (17th December) you have Deadline, Hard x Times and Mickey Porno...and the day after you have "Les 24 H Du Punk" with Les Corons Puent, Deadline, Operation S, The Filaments. What else, we should salute for the last time ("Une Dernière Fois" sang CAMERA SILENS) one of the punkest rappers, my homie Old Dirty Bastard aka Old Syrus aka Big Baby Jesus aka Dirt Mc Girt, and Russell Jones was his real name


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