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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well it's a bit late but I had to advert for the HAPPY FACE Irish tour, go to their website for more details, and Necropsy still has their demo for sale( remember they attended Maggot Brain broadcast in January or February) http://www.lloth-fr.com/happyface/ maybe they'll have another website, their new album (for Happy Face) is called "Le Tigre", French distribution, Overcome recs( yes, NTTL faves, just joking) and Anticulture recs for UK. Don't forget Fred's plan about Extreme Obscene fest bus, and I also must advert for Incantation stuff. First a PARRICIDE/ SQUASH BOWELS tour (remember Parricide missed the 4th Soul Grind Fest last year due to mechanical problems) called "No Mercy Days", they travel Czech Republic, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, from April 14th to May 2nd. So about Ibex Moon recs, here the link http://www.ibexmoonrecords.com it's a extreme metal record label, you guess, they won't work with Les Breuvachons or K-Maro, what do they have as signed acts, Bloody Sign, Funerus, Estuary, Incrust (remember Funerus is a John Mc Entee 's side project), more news to come....


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