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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Show time!!!! Let's start with "Les 24 H Du Punk", it was December, 18th, 2004 with Les Corons Puent, Operation S, Deadline, The Filaments. About Les Corons Puent, so much loved by Dal Basso (it's ironical) there are 6 musicians (1 sax, 2 guitars and vocals, drums, bass) from North area of France, playing Oi not so melodic, kind of "in your face" (like Paranoi? well not really, but it's not Moonlight Wankers you know...). They covered"Squatt" by CAMERA SILENS, and another Oi underground hit, performed theirs "hymn" called "Dans La Cité" (in the city) some lyrics, "dans la cité, iroquois et cranes rasés, dans la cité incendiée...) and Rabitsch made fun about it (or a cynical thought...) and "Raymond le cureton" (Raymond the priest, who becomes a punk at the end of the song). A short and energetic set. Then came Operation S, for all you people who like new wave and acts like Edith Nylon, Devo, this is for you, very good set and a cult cover, "Summer Of 81" (of The Violators), it's "synth punk" and you had the singer of the famous "fun Oi" band The Teckels, Fabrice, in the audience( well you had former Teckels bass player Iwan on stage with Operation S, so...). Deadline, well it's like Rats or Sheriff or Ramones, the songs sound alike so if you don't really like...it's not Oi, it's not really punk, it's more singalong celtic rock punk...they covered "Sheena is a punk rocker" by you know who. Anyway the festival was by now way way better than last year, where you only had Mickey Porno worth the wait...very few stage diving (the female singer of Operation S discouraged it) few pogo dancing by this time...and then came The Filaments, I would say the UK answer to Rancid (which itself is the US answer to an obscure band called the Clash hahahaha), brass attack, 2 guitars and on and on, one axeman looking like Jock from GBH back in the day (Spikes in full effect) the other axeman looking like a "dogs punk", a bass player which seems asiatic...and what did they play? 50% ska punk (what a surprise, hahahaha) 50% reggae( but not the reggae stuff you would find at a Bhale Bacce set, sorry) or reggae rock...Rabitsch said it seems bands didn't want much stage diving. The Filaments got 3 encore and it was the end...well hopefully there will be 2 punk fests at the end of 2005, one done by Beton, the other by Radio Campus Tours. Next time we talk about the first Soft Madness Festival...


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