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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Radio Campus Tours is online at least the "front of the house" and you can surf and read what they say about MAGGOT BRAIN( not bad at all finally) the link http://www.tours.radio-campus.org/ what else soon to come the "24h of Punk", December 18th at MJC Joue Les Tours with The Filaments, Operation S, Deadline, Les Corons Puent. Seems The Bethune Executionner plays again with a band, Jacques Mesrine Experience...and you have Phase Terminale( anarcho punk) playing at Napoleon Friday the 17th December with FDC( ?!) for 4 euros. And maybe "L'Autre Monde" will change the moment they start( sooner, at 9.30 pm?), remember L'AM is a radio show dealing with gothic/EBM, fantastic litterature and movies, and extreme metal, on R.A.P. 90.9 FM


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