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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Some news (first Bad Azz Mofo crews are back!!!!!) about UVPR crews, Moonlight Wankers & Lutece Borgia still on tour, Saturday January 8th, Moonlight Wankers play in Montreuil, for 3 euros, Hangar, 204/206 rue de Paris,Metro Robespierre, with some other acts, Massey Ferguson Memorial & Prouters, then Saturday January 15th Lutece Borgia play with Janitors at Alternative Cafe, Lisieux, for 3 euros, then 12 february, Lutece Borgia/ Les Corons Puent and other guests play at Brooklyn Cafe, Rouen. Then we have a small tour Lutece Borgia/ Janitors from 8 to 12 March 2005, in Germany, Czech Republic,Hungary...then March 27th you have the famous Rude Boys Unity fest in Geneva( Switzerland) with Moonlight Wankers, The Janitors, PTTB, Lutece Borgia, Kidnap, Oi Polloi, Running Riot, Soul Invaders etc...if I have time I will talk about the "24h du punk" festival next time....and about the Soft Madness fest to come January the 15th with M 16 and 2 other bands


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