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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Lets talk about SOFT MADNESS Festival now, it happened January 2005, the 15th at Napoleon room, with Get Lost, M 16 and 9-11. As usual it starts late( waiting for the place to get less empty?) let's say 1 hour late, Get Lost rehearses some YOT riffs, the have black crosses on the hands (no it doesn't mean they're satanists or Marylin Manson fans), the sign of Straight Edge militancy. Well Get Lost can be put in the oldschool NYHC box (they pay tribute to Ray Beez) they cover some 90ies SxE acts (unknown by me, yes I know for me time stopped after 1991...), have an energetic frontman and for the "tough crew" you have mosh parts so you can tough/slam dance like there's no tomorrow. Then you have local heroes ( Get Lost comes from Paris, as M 16 does) 9-11 ,almost RSK reunited(first drummer and last axeman, also NTTL fame) and now Napoleon is fullcoming for them it seems. Simon is the frontman, I would say 9-11 plays something between emo core and metallic (modern ?)hardcore, wityh of course "tough guy music" parts, i.e mosh ones (if you don't have some it's a malfunction? joke with Cro Mags references). Great show even if it's not my cup of tea musically. Well M 16, they don't have a frontman, I mean the singer also plays guitar so he cannot cut the crowd in half to sing or "harass them" to move/ tease them more and more, and what do they play? melodic hardcore, you know, "skate happy" punk rock, I'm not really a fan. So they don't get any "circle pit" for example( it's not that I do "circle pits" for the bands, the sentences aren't tied, I had to say it), but let's present them, they are 4, a bass player/singer, 2 axemen and a drummer..;and the singer, according to me, talks too much. And something else about mosh part dancing (and tough guy way of expressions) if you can imagine the cyborg from Tekken 1 when he hammers his opposite fighter with his fists, this is one dance move of the tough guy, get it, rudie?


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