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Monday, April 04, 2005

News from the FB camp, there's a gig called "Funland At The Beach"( DK inspiration?) Wednesday, April 13th, at the HUBLOT, Nancy( France) 8 pm, with a DJ set featuring Ornitor 1k (noise visual breakbeat), K-far (drum& bass mix), and several acts, Rosa Park(digital hardcore punk), Call To Order(mosh HxC), Colera (sounds like a 757 Boeing taking off...), Strike Back (HxC old school)...what else, for thrashers/death kids there's also a show in Germany with Vellozet( death/thrash),Stagewar and Destroyed, in Steinau/ Seidenrot (in der Nähe von Schlüchtern), April 9th, more news at www.vellozet.de or go to my friends of Skull Fucked Productions if you wanna ask somebody as Little Snoop says...


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