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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Un peu d'actualité, voici une interview du groupe KAMAKAZE, de Philadelphie, qui a dans ses rangs un certain Carlos Kamakaze, qui fut remplaçant d'un certain CHIP WRECK au sein du groupe PURE HELL..vous ne savez pas qui est Pure Hell? Alors vous ne devez pas lire ce blog :-)...regardez les pages précédentes please

What happened with Pure Hell, I mean, you were supposed to go back with Stinker last year(and keep Kamakaze alive maybe...)?

Kamakaze is alive and well on several online radio stations worldwide. We recently completed several shows in the Philadelphia area. Now we are working on some new music in the studio. Stinker makes the final decisions with what goes on in Pure Hell. He felt that he wanted to go with as original as possible, being that I was after him(Chip) I wasnt chosen. We are still good friends and plan to work together real soon.

Your singer Black Diamond ( is it related to the KISS track?) belonged to Godsend, which was the embryo of Skidrow, that's what you say, is it the famous US heavy rock band featuring Sebastian Bach, or another one?

Blakk Diamond is how its spelled, no its not taken from Kiss. Finally, yes she was the singer of Godsend that later changed its name to Skid Row. She used to go to Toms River in New Jersey and reherse with Rachel Bolan and others.

How would you define your sound, besides the one a "godly wind" would do (just joking)?

I try to stay rock oriented as our music is progressive metal with punk-rock roots. I compose most of the music and Diamond puts her lyrics into it, but we as a whole are influenced by everything. As far as sound is concerned, Kinda Megadeth, slayer, some hair metal lol and the soul and power of a singer that sings like Tina Turner meets Chaka Khan screaming to heavy fast rock!

Do you intend to release something, an EP or a demo to or maybe an album, and if yes, self produced stuff or you are in touch with an record label?

We completed an extended demo because we wanted to show our talent is broader than most metal bands. As I said before, We are in the studio working on new music to add to the collection. We produce it ourselves and bring new ideas and arrangements to the table. I have come in contact with a few record labels but so far, most of them speak about a promise but seldom deliver.

How would you describe nowadays Philly rock & punk rock scene, if you think you fit in ( this scene)?

Its a prominent scene with a handful of bars and venues. Mostly punk kids and ol'skool metalheads, hipsters and more.

I suppose you heard about collectives/organisations like Black Rock Coalition, Afropunk thing, would you join?

Being that I was mentored by Pure Hell, I have always supported the AfroPunk/Black Roack Coalition I even know James Spooner the director of the Afropunk Documentary and felt that Pure Hell should be at the forefront because they were the FIRST to do it in history...EVER!

Imagine Axl Rose, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani and Madonna ,by a way or another, got a tape featuring a bunch of your songs, and each one reaches you in order either to offer a support slot (for a tour) ,or a record deal, what do you do and who do you choose?

Wow what a question, I like all of the mentioned performers. I would take the time to build a rapport and see what each one had to offer for Kamakaze musicially. I guess from there, I would make an educated decision based on who is in our best interests.

What's the topic of "Salvation"?

End of the world, conspiracy theories, corruption in politics, nuclear war, book of revelation, fire and brimstone shit! Saving the world from itself, man is destroying the world

Something to add, plans for the future...

We added a rhythm guitarist to the band and have had a new bassist for a few months now. Our rhythm guitarists' name is Shawn Maniac and he is a 14 yr old prodigy that I have taken under my wing for the past 2 years now. He knows all the music and is gonna be an excellent musician one day. Our Bassist comes from a local band here in Philadelphia called Reality Stricken, his name is Josh and he is a great asset to this band with his musicianship, ideas and input. Visit us at Kamakaze WWW.MYSPACE.COM/KAMAKAZEBAND, We will be on facebook and twitter in a few weeks!


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