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Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's been a long time, right? Well interesting things happened, first I was able to meet and greet Mr Jackal from YDI (and his girlfriend Michelle) in London, they will support Bad Brains (reunited again) or Soul Brains, HR only knows at CBGB October 10th, what else, "Live at CBGB 82", first official Bad Brains live video (here dvd) finally available, get it, we also are awaiting for "American Hardcore" movie and "Get Thrashed" flick. Inhumate are also back with a vengeance, a dvd is on the way, they will get a feature on MCM Belgium (and France) next week (Monday, October 9th and Wednesday October 11th, I suppose it's the broadcast "Ultra Metal"), and prepare your mind for the 7th (and last ?) Soul Grinding Festival in February, with Inhumate, Molosse, Infest, Gorezone, Carnal Decay, Goryptic, Emeth, Intestinal Infection, Epitome, more news at www.inhumate.com . From Hirax family camp, Katon and friends are touring and preparing "Assassins of war" release, Weapon 13 are also busy. Some interesting record labels for all you crate diggers (punk especially), Welfare Records (they released some stuff by Pure Hell) www.welfarerecords.net and Parts Unknown www.partsunknownrecords.com ..;and don't forget to tease Mr Rad Party for a release date...oh by the way there's a fanzine you should deal with, Shotgun Seamstress. Enough for today!Or maybe not, also check what's happening at Limoges with Attentat Sonore and crew


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