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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Moonlight Wankers came, saw and conquered that's what I can say about this show, unfortunately I couldn't stay longer for Lutece Borgia, but I heard their "Gamin Des Rues" anthem and a handful of other songs. First thanx to Davy who drove me from Radio Campus, the lair of "Maggot Brain" (by the way f**k those lousy journalism students who complained about the "noise", do they think they're the only ones working? MB isn't about Celine Dion or Phil Collins, but more about lightnings and thunders when we are in full force) to the Tir Na Nog...in fact I wasn't late, the gig hadn't begun, you had "Bonjour Finesse" crew, "Une Heure A Tuer" crew, MP crew of course and several punks, skins & herberts(including Teenage Kicks owner, former Urban Struggle axeman, and singers, Simon of RSK/DFI and so on and so on). Moonlight Wankers are cool people, that's great, about Lutece Borgia I only discussed with the axeman and the bass player. In fact the show started like a casual Oi show I would say, it wasn't really great but MW played a slow Oi song really manic and from then on the magic was on, way before their anthem "Nes Pour Etre Sauvages", here's the setlist:"A Tombeaux Ouverts", "Jah" (No Class cover), "Les Halles", "Confession Parentale", "Toujours Juge", "Licence De Survie", "Captain Ritchy", "Zone Libre" (Voices Of Belleville cover), "Meprises Multiples", "Parisiens", "Working Class Heroes"(also played as encore, and with choruses by Lionel MP+ the "Ange Blanc" and another neusk guy, also a cover, from 8°6 Crew),"Maison Fleury" and "Nes Pour Etre Sauvages". They had their single just released (Swingo Porkies one will come later) by UVPR records....dunno if they sold many at that show, but they deserve it (I didn't have much money, I would have taken it if I had been able to). At this same show were also Dal Basso crew with a stand, and I bought their first vinyl release, an EP from Les Orties( they came at Los Fastidios gig in April, with Hors Controle)


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