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Monday, November 29, 2004

Well well well the second one wasn't as great as the first, at Napoleon you had Paranoi( Oi from Paris), Araignées Sociales (speed punkcore) and another band, I explain, the drummer of Araignées Sociales is also the singer of the 3rd band, which was the second one to play. Paranoi, what's it? They got the look and not much else, I mean Doc Martens, shaved heads but the music wasn't that great, besides 2 songs "la Verité" and another one, too speed, too "bourrin" (oi oi we are skinheads with a big raucous voice boots and braces) if I had to compare, Moonlight Wankers comes first then you have Mickey Porno( I'm talking about the stage presence) then far behind you have Paranoi, I would say even if Romain wasn't singing but drinking during all the set of Furious Belly, FB would still rule over Paranoi, for example...And damn, what's an Oi band where you cannot hear the bass guitar? The second band was without bass and played a mix of metalcore, emo, grind and ( especially at the end, where it sounded very Obituary like) death metal but without the "ceremonial", the drummer was clever enough to get double bass effects with only one bass drum, amazing! Well it's modern hardcore maybe, I'm not really into this kind of sound...and finally you had Araignees Sociales, raucous voice, fast tracks sounding almost the same, of course you had the energy but...well MW was superior the other day. A good show anyway, with the birth of a new Oi singer (if you put more alcohol on his drinks maybe) Simon "RSK"( "Et les punks et les chiens dans le RER, la banlieue c'est pas rose la banlieue c'est morose, car c'est ton destin d'avoir des bretelles sans les porte jarretelles" well that's not what he sang, I "created it" without being drunk). The owner thought it was a bit too much as he "strongly suggested" an end to the show (after all it was late, almost 1pm). I doubt it would have been the "campus audience" but whatever...just joking


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