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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Some news from Ibex Moon Records, European tours for Funerus, and Bloody Sign in April & May, also OHIO Death Fest will feature Incantation, Acheron, Pyrexia,Drogheda, Brodequin, Mutilation,Meat Shits to name a few, June 24&25th, in Cleveland (just the same time as Fury Fest). In France, we have WUNDERBACH coming back (remember "Paris n'est pas Londres", "Les Vieux Riches", "La Faute A Qui") especially in Limoges, April 30th (Anti fascist festival 29&30th April with Klasse Kriminale, Brigada Flores Magon, and another act, and Wunderbach and two others, sorry I will get the names later). And BARRICATA is back, and also a Parisian RASH fest in June( 3 & 4th, La Maroquinerie,Paris 20th area, 10 euros each day) with Brigada Flores Magon, Oppressed, Stage Bottles, Brixton Cats, to name a few...Skull Fucked productions released a 3 way split CD with Gastrik Burst,Unformed, Cynical Bastard http://skullfuckedprod.free.fr for more news...and in my hometown what do we have? Freak Kitchen at Fac de Grandmont, Saturday April 30th, 3pm( more "meet &greet" session and a little guitar showcase) if you like "progressive" (read boring) guitar heroes, and a nice hippie stuff May 16th at Napoleon, Happy Face ( the album "Le Tigre" available May 9th), Godless Truth & Vomit Remnants , if you really like the funky beat, you better come there!!! What else, RudeBoi'zine stops here, it may be back as a tough guy/HxC paper


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