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Friday, May 13, 2005

Some updates, first go check Hiraxmetal website www.hiraxmetal.com for early Hirax/LA KAOS sound( great power metal tunes!), then a festival to advert from UVPR crew, it's called "Work Together" July 8 & 9 at Salles Curan ( south West of France, near Rodez, or Toulouse & Montpellier) 12 euros for both days! And what can you see there? The Janitors, The Oppressed, Sales Batards Fucking Crew, The Cabrians, to name a few (and "Work Together" is a Oppressed song) so in case you missed them at Barricata festival you can go there, more news at benjamos@yahoo.com . WUNDERBACH is touring in May, if I didn't tell you, and asap I will put the Lemovices Antifa Fest( part 2) report, and maybe the Morbid Angel one. What else, Friday at the Napoleon, there were 4 bands (only watched 3), Poly Trauma from Orleans (playing electro goth rock, ok but well, not my cup of tea), Convulsion playing deathcore stuff (Cro Mags on steroids), got a furious mosh pit some times but not really unforgettable songs, and Necropsy, more death metal in their style, furious audience reaction, more charisma but also there, it goes too much into the current "metalcore" area for me (I'm going too old :-)). And on the way, the "Afropunk" screening hopefully


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