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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Remember Inhumate plays for their 15th birthday Saturday, October 15th at la Laiterie with Ingrowing and other bands, check their website!Some news from Limoges, gigs to come include: Vendredi 14 octobre CCM John Lennon, 21H, 14 € LOFOFORA + PARABELLUM, Vendredi 14 octobre Woodstock Boogie Bar, 21H, ACID KINGS (stoner, USA) + ?, Samedi 5 novembre CCM John Lennon, 21H, 4 euros "Support your local scene" : BUSHMEN + DEADLOCKS + BIKINI KARATE GIRLS KLUB + CARLOSOUND, Mardi 8 novembre Le Caf'teur, 21H, ? NEW ROSE HOTEL (Lgs) + ROBOCOP KRAUS (new wave, Allemagne), Vendredi 18 novembre Le Romanet, 21H, 6 € Concert antifa avec LOIKAEMIE (Oi!, Allemagne, date unique) + LUMPEN (Oi!, Italie) + LOS FOIROS (Bx) + REDWEILLER (Bx) , Dimanche 18 décembre Woodstock Boogie Bar, 21H, ? SIX PACK (Emo / Punk, St Etienne, le retour !) + Guests -- What else? News from Ibex Moon Records (John Mc Entee 's record label, by the way you can watch new Incantation videos on their website and the band prepares its new album), some newcomers on the boat, New Zealand's Dawn Of Azazel, and a new album by Hell-Born is coming. Remember IMR is the home of Funerus, Bloody Sign,Estuary & Incrust to name a few. More to come as soon as possible, as usual, and don't sleep!By the way if you want to read what happened to me at Fury Fest, just go to www.tours.radio-campus.org , Fury Fest item


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