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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Well some news, seems the Fury Fest was threatened with a cancellation but survived to it (not like my local "Afropunk" screening lol) so "la guerre de Troie aura bien lieu" you can take your tickets and enjoy the ride,what else a "Soft Madness" event Saturday the 18th (June) at Tir N'a Nog, with two HxC bands, door fee is 4 euros, you know whom to ask and for what...If you go to Limoges (Antifa fest report to come...) this is what you could expect( not X Ray Spex) to attend( by the way big up to Damon Albarn) this same Saturday June 18th ( not a Sunday morning nightmare...) "Broc'N'Roll" (it reminds me something...) a "convention du disque"(kind of swap meet, yes indeed) you can sell, exchange, buy DVDs, records, comics, free entrance, and there's also a gig with Fingertips,55 Cheese and The Deadlocks ( so 60ies rock, emo & punk music tonight), hurry up Harry for this, where do you take your pint? At CCM John Lennon, Limoges, and it's a DIY asso, Radio Beaub ,CCM organisation & event, by the way it's 4 euros for the gig http://asso.diy.free.fr/concert.htm another link if you want, after all you're a better reader than I am( thanx to Sham as musical background) http://www.limogespunx.com


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