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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Let's start a report "parmi tant d'autres" about kind of small death metal Fest here "Violence in Our Minds"? Happy Face/Godless Truth/Vomit Remnants (Napoleon 16 mai 2005) well I thought I was late but no, I could talk with both VR & GT, many people waiting (and talking days later with Gilles & David both HAPPY FACE members like 120 people came, really great) at the door, and the venue was full really, you hardly could see anything( better say I as I was on the stairs) but it was really great. I won't lie, I knew no song from any band (ok I knew some Godless Truth tracks but I would be unable to tell you which ones, that shows the great reporter I am, soon I work for IUT journalisme crew lol) but it didn't prevent me to enjoy the shows, HxF was more "straight death" this time I would say, Godless Truth amazingly was also death stuff (and not kind of nu metal oriented extreme metal as the last album I had showed, by the way they have another one soon to be released or already available, still on Shindy Recs) they played a short set in fact (some say due to heat) and (unfortunately I couldn't watch all the show) then came the Far Eastern Tornado, Vomit Remnants...The Japanese crew had some problems at the beginning of the set, and tried to fix a huge banner to the walls of the basement, but when they started...a fury, hardcore approach (for the singer) to a death tempest, a mosh pit "in flames", time to remember for sure (fa shizzle my nizzle...)if you want pictures go to VS website (forum)...by the way there will be a Gothic/extreme metal festival in September, 2005 (St paterne Racan), with hopefully ANCIENT coming ( Norwegian Black Metal, some like, some hate...). Next time Morbid Angel at Rennes and the Lemovices Antifa Fest ...I let you with a link to Happy Face http://www.lloth-fr.com/happyface/ and for the others http://www.godlesstruth.com/ finally VR http://www.vomitremnants.net Enjoy the ride!


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