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Monday, June 13, 2005

A weekend of "fury" as I attended the "To hell & back" fest set by Klonosphere, PS Record(recording studios at Luynes you can call 02/47/55/70/54 (free advert)) and the radio broadcast THAB at Radio Frequence Luynes, let's say good set by Necropsy, correct one for Trepalium( which also belong to Fury fest bill it seems), strange show for Comity( almost a "performance"? let's say it was Sonic Youth meeting Fugazi in a modern hardcore metal way, ok I don't know Sonic Youth much :-)), and disappointment for Blockheads as the sound was really bad, what can you "enjoy" when you only hear drums, let's say blast beats( and almost nothing else)? But the (meager? 100 people or a bit more?) crowd seemed to be happy, several slams, some pogo dancing, the singer ( like Trepalium one) going down stage to yell with the audience, slamming several times too, and at the end, in a "Inhumate"way inviting everyone onstage as he was down stage singing, not forgetting the "heavy and light weight slamming" (people who were there will understand)...something else, seems the crowd was more tired than it was at Vomit Remnants/Godless Truth/Happy Face gig. Ok for Saturday night, let's drive to Sunday with a special festival for the "closure" of Napoleon( 10 years of service as Dropkick Murphys and Yohan from DFI said..no, only DFI played, DM were only on the T shirts of some attendants ) free entrance and JMX(Jacques Mesrine Experience), The Rudes( MP side project, more "rock'n roll" in a Business, Templars way),DFI(with Simon as bass player and Stouf as axeman),Riot State Killers (with a special line up, Giny on bass, Richard the only guitar player and the drummer of DFI, and Babette as guest singer for "El Nino") and Mickey Porno took the stage, good gigs I notice "Chaos"(covered) in a French way by the Rudes, "Minor Threat" in a crust way by DFI...well it was the "Putain de classe" festival :-)


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