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Monday, June 13, 2005

Forgot to talk about a Metal fest happening at Raffarin hometown( Chasseneuil Du Poitou), the venue is called Laser Quest(28ter allee du Haut poitou) and it's not far from Poitiers (05-49-46-57-30 or 0688789968 or 0615911401) from 5pm to 2 am, 2 euros for the fee, 10 bands, Necropsy, Pulmonary Fibrosis,Leituss, Offending,Arcania,Widen Square,Genital Grinder,G.U.S.T.,V.P. playing (you guess it's no Glam rock revival!!!) and for Tir N'a Nog show it's Backsight (old school meets modern hardcore music) and Burst One's Side (Blond Venitien Melodic Hardcore) Saturday June 18th, he, what about hippie funk post punk( just joking)?


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