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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Short message today just to tell people Hirax plans a UK/Scotland tour in February/March 2006, and there's also a special event in California, December 2nd as Hirax plays with Sadistic Intent and Mortician, more news at www.hirax.org What else, seems Morbid Angel may come in Europe in December for Xmas Fest part 2, with other acts. Sorry for people in South America(and North of Africa), there are loads of news, I try to deal with it as soon as possible...Last minute news, there will be a Skull Fucked Fest going on, December 4th, at Molodoi venue( Strasbourg, France), opening of the doors 2pm (til midnight), 8 euros for fee, and with Ingrowing, Sickbag, Drowning, Bloody Sign, Goryptic, Trepan'Dead, Suffereign, Ingurgitating Oblivion and a surprise, it's the fifth SFF in fact, go to www.skullfuckedprod.com for more info...and I've got some gigs to tell about...Blood or Whiskey will play( only French gig for their tour) with Attentat Sonore (L'Ile au Tresor, rue Raspail), in Limoges, Wednesday November 2nd, 9 pm, and it's free...by the way, Attentat Sonore also plays in Tours in December(3rd) with Hexazone


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