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Friday, November 18, 2005

Some news about Soul Grinding Fest to come, the 6th, which will feature Stoma, Trepan' Dead, Despise, World Downfall, Embalming Theatre, Debauchery, Whoretorn, Massive Charge, Deadborn at la Laiterie, Strasbourg, from 3.30 pm to 0 am, for 12 euros, February 18th, go to www.soulgrindingfestival.com for more info...Attentat Sonore will play at Bressuire December 2nd with Escuela De Odio (hardcore, Spain) at Salle Emeraude, 9pm, for 4 euros, they also play at Tir n'A Nog next day. Their 4 song EP will come soon, called "Barricades 1905"...Some news from Afropunk realm, a tribute to Bad Brains on the way, the 4th annual Bad Brains tribute on November 23rd ,at the Delancey (Lower Eastside, so I suppose it's New York area) with Keziah Jones, The Exit, The Carps, Shaka Zulu Overdrive, Mad Man Films, Mercutio and Black Juju playing, "Afropunk" screening,and a party after all that, the whole for $10. What else, Rad Party's not dead, here's an interesting link www.20six.fr/burninghopes/


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