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Monday, December 05, 2005

Busy weekend with a black/death show Friday December the 2nd, an anarchopunk one next day and removal(and before the "famous" concert festif you know)...let's start, I missed Torment Craft and got Fimbulvetr & Hex Nihilo. HN was softer than Fimbulthing, but I also was much more tired so I couldn't listen any longer and departed, seems that the songs were more complex(and far away from your "in your face old school black metal" like Hellhammer, early Bathory, early Ancient Rites). Fimbulvetr had difficulties to start (soundcheck problems?), for me it was"staggering music" I mean the songs came as if they were on the verge of missing notes, chords or anything, not so powerful,anyway it seems people liked what they saw and heard, starting pogo and mosh parts...so what can you say? Slayer and Johnny were there, you could also see some corpse paint individuals...hopefully no NSBM addict was there (private joke for Attentat Sonore axeman). Due to some extra considerations, I wasn't on time for the Hexazone/ Attentat Sonore show but I didn't miss a lot (of Attentat Sonore gig), Apache, Dal Basso crews were there, also Mr "Euthanasie" CEO, MP crew and Soft Madness hordes, great show for Limoges troop (unfortunately I didn't know any song, you know how bad I am as reporter)


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