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Saturday, February 11, 2006

It also could figure in RB&G blog, anyway D-FE has a new album, go to their website http://www.dfe6000.com (remember D-FE plays "zwinx metal" a melting of hardcore, tharsh and funk & african grooves, I strongly advise you to listen to "Kemite" in order to better understand, they could be the musical heirs of second generation Bad Brains (86-91 era) minus the reggae influences)...what else after all this time, try to secure a screening for "Afropunk" but it's old news, Hirax welcomes back John Tabares (the "Unleash the dogs of war" line-up is gone, revolving door policy for Katon crew), there's a new blog for your servant at Radio Campus Tours website and I missed Defiance gig because of work...SNAKEPIT magazine got a new issue featuring an exhaustive interview (of Bob Savage and Gary Monardo) about HIRAX, I mean that's the main reason I bought it, you can also find Torrid Records, Poison/RU Dead,Realm, Battleaxe,Brian Ross of Blitzkrieg/Avenger/Satan fame, the former singer of Warcry(don't remember his family name, sorry) and other acts. And last but not least, HEX NIHILO got a demo, soon to be played you know where...sorry for the DIY association from Limoges, busy busy times and fewer updates


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