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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Some updates,only if you want it, first from Limoges DIY Asso/Attentat Sonore, a new EP is out, "Barricades 1905", 4 songs in English(2) and French(2), the band will "tour" and play Dijon, Toulouse, St Etienne, they plan a date at L'Ile Au Tresor (Limoges ?) Thursday, March 9th...and if you don't want to leave Tours(for people living in this city or near, sorry for Raf and AS crew, just joking), there's also a MFSP (Music For Shit People) gig at Lilo (former Djak, former La Fauvette) featuring DFI and Unlogistic, March 9th, 8.30 pm...what else, I'm looking for Clash fanatics for a special Maggot Brain broadcast I plan, titled "les enfants du Clash" featuring not only the band(musically!!! I doubt Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, Terry Chimes would come just for me, I'm not so mighty and definitely not John Peel) but acts like The Ruts, Bad Brains, Camera Silens, Wunderbach/Tio Manuel, maybe Mano Negra if I find some stuff, LSD of course, Protex Blue, Chinkees, maybe Operation Ivy/Rancid/Skanking Pickles if I find stuff...what else again, just go to youtube website, great old school videos(and new school too) of hardcore, thrash/speed bands (Venom, Cro Mags, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Bad Brains of course, Dark Angel, Sodom, Voivod....), right now I choose to watch "Denial Of Life" by you know who, live in 88


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